Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010

Meister Lampe - Master Hare

Finally its done, here is my stop-motion lightproject:
Master Hare
smaller browserwindow = better quality

It's only a very short story but it was a lot of work cause the rabbit (and the stars) isn't drawn or anything, its light. I cut out the silhouette of a rabbit again and again, every move is one cut out rabbit (lot of work ^_^) - total: 26 rabbits.

First I wanted to project a lightrabbit on the wall, but it doesn't work, the rabbit was to lightish(don't know if it is the right adjective), the light source wasn't strong enough. I don't know if it would works with a stronger light source - I didn't try it. Cause I worked with a trick, I didn't project it, I photographed the lighted rabbits, so I got very strong light rabbits :)

First it is only a paperpicture, suddenly stars a rising. One of the stars falls down from the sky, hits the paperrabbit. The rabbit awake to life, run around, life his live, get some children - end. (awesome story i know ^_^)

Artist: Yiruma
Titel: "river flows in you"

By the way, the german title 'Meister Lampe' is not only the fable-name of the rabbit, the word 'Lampe' in German normally means lamp/bulb so you can associate Lampe > rabbit + Lampe > light = lightrabbit - haha (I think that's funny, so do you?)

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