Samstag, 25. September 2010

love is like to walk a tightrope

only a scribble, but I like it

love makes you blind, makes you fly high, but you have to be careful about every step, cause the fall will break your heart.


after a few weeks without a trace of live, now I am back

sorry for the break,

at the moment I pass my work experience at "Düsseldorf" - Germany - a great town. Every day I see a lot of things, places and moments which would be worth to photographed. But most of the time, I have no camera in my bag, or I am cycling to fast and I didn't want to slowdown - most time I am hurry - late for work XD (a bicycle is your best friend at this town - cause public transport are rather expensive, for example: 24hour-card at Salzburg: 4,20€ (if you buy 5 tickets you pay only 3,20 for one day) one-day-card at Düsseldorf 7 or 8 € don't know exactly - you can take a friend with you but it is valid until the same day closing hour ca. 23:00 o'clock)