Montag, 29. November 2010

Advent calendar self made

Quick self made advent calendar for my mother, you can do it in one evening if you are eager enough.

you need
You need 35 cm of felt (cut goods - minimum 150 cm width) color traditional red but you can choose whatever you want. 7,20 meter of satin-band, 24 numberbuttons, 2 pair of popper/press button, 1 coat hook and sewing silk.

Step 0
Cut your felt to 1 piece 35x86 and 6 pieces 35x 10 Centimeter. Cut the satin-band in 24 pieces, each 30 Centimeter length (Don't forget to melt the ends with fire, but be careful!).

Step 1
Take the big felt piece, and gauge 8cm from the bottom, and 4,30cm from the left to the right, make a point with tailor's chalk or pencil, gauge 8,75cm from this point to the right and so on. Now you should have 4 points. Take the satin-band and sew one piece on every point (take the middle of the band for sewing point)

Step 2
After that take one of the 10 cm pieces felt and put it on the big one, take fixing pins and tailor's chalk for help. Now sew like the illustration shows you.

Step 3
you have to do this five times more.

Step 4
After that you have to cut two small slots at every bag so you can burr the satin-band on the other side. Put the number-buttons on the bags or stitch it or draw or cut it out of white felt (whatever)

Step 5
Sew the press buttons on the other side, left and right.


You can make decoration on the front side, or what you want.
You can also do the calendar without the satin-band if you don't want it :)

!!!! Caution in Centimeter!!!!

Sonntag, 21. November 2010

It's Fimo-time - small, smaller, fimoart

I never made them so tiny, XD I am proud, oh yes.

5 äh I mean 6 A DAY - fruits and vegetables

cakes, muffins, donuts, mmmm only coffee left

Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

create your own chocolate

Today I found chocri. Create your own chocolate with different fruits, nuts, flavor, or special fixings. I think it would be the perfect x-mas-present for people who got a sweet tooth.