Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

new banner and avatar at dawanda

The last days I worked at this two pictures, a banner and a avatar-picture for Amanita Muscaria and my dawanda-shop. Both pictures are vector and I hate myself cause of the avatar-pic. It took so much time to finish, but now nobody can see the details - to small and grainy - arg!



cause of Halloween...

Not really creative or well colored but it should be only a speed paint cause its Halloween today.

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

calendar 2011

My last private-vector-project. It took two or three evenings to finish it. A calendar for everyone who loves cats as much as I do :) - cats are wonderful.

If you want you can buy it at my Dawanda-Shop.
♥ Dec 2010 - Jan 2012
♥ 3 month view

Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Scribble me...

These Scribbles are inspired from sky doll - artist Alessandro Barbucci, I love his art, his stile and the story of sky doll. I'm always full of anticipation if I see he posts a new scribble (cause he is exceptionally gifted -loves his pics sooooo much)

I tried to imitate the facial expression of her (and her fringe - so sweet) but after a while I realized that her face looks too childish XD. Because of that, the picture shows a little fairy who wakes up,yawn an wish a good morning to the butterfly.

She is the reason for breaking hearts...