Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

apologize & mermaid

First i have to say: I'am so soooooooooooooorry! 3 weeks without a sign of life, sorry sorry sorry! - But the first two weeks of abstinence were my last two weeks of school, means: 2 weeks full of stress, sleepless nights (40 hour 'days'), panic attacks (oh no! I couldn't hold the deadline, never!!) and work work and work.

But now - HOLIDAYS!!! wonderful holidays XD

The last week I enjoyed my life, lay in the sun, slept a lot and at the evening I did this:

Step by Step.....



  1. Oha, ich glaub du inspirierst mich, auch mal wieder zu sticken, aber was heißt mal wieder, wir habens mal in der Grundschule gelernt, aber dass sieht so süß aus, dass ich Lust bekäme, auch mal irgendwas zu besticken!! :D