Montag, 16. Januar 2012

strawberry nails

Today I did my nails in strawberry stile.

I found this tutorial and wanted to try it.

Used colors:

~ red
~ green (normal)
~ green (glimmering/glitter)
~ white
~ transparent (to protect the work)

My summary about the experiment:

~ A very calm hand is necessary. (on the right and left hand :-D )
~ It takes a while and you need a lot of endurance waiting for nail polish to bond.
~ I don't know why but sometimes its like the hard nail polish underneath soaks cause of the transparent one.
~ three points are realy sweet and looks good (she says in the video, its true)
~ If you got it, its sooooooo cool, everytime I grab something or tipping text on my keyboard I can see them, like little sweets on my nails, making me happy the whole day long (and a little bit proud XD).
~ Now I'm curious about how long it takes the varnish split.

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